A day at Gumnuts Mudgeeraba.


We thank the kombermerri people for the beautiful country that our service sits on and that our children have the privilege to play upon. Our possums space caters for babies from birth to 18 months. Our joeys space caters for children 18 months to 2 and half. Both these spaces are quite independent. Our older children share the large outdoor space and have 2 indoor spaces; 2-3year room and the preschool room catering for children 4-5. Sometimes these spaces overlap depending on the number and ages of children at the service.


The doors open and the children’s explorations begin with Family Connections as children of all age groups play together.


Children are guided to their respective outdoor areas where the are free to engage in a wide variety of gross motor and sensory experiences.


Each room sits down to a morning meeting and discusses what they will do for the day and eat their morning tea.


Children are invited to explore their classrooms have been set up based on the current interests of the group, including any project work.


Lunch is served on tables set up with tablecloths and flowers by the children, where they serve themselves and dine from real crockery.


After making their own beds, children spend time reading before they sleep or rest.


Afternoon tea is shared and children return to their outdoor spaces for further activities.


Children are gathered indoors for Family Connections as they wind down after a stimulating day and prepare to go home.


Centre closes.

Class Groupings

Children at Gumnuts Mudgeeraba are grouped into four rooms:


0 – 2 years


15 months – 3 years


3 – 4 years


4 – 5 years

NOTE: The age groupings are used as a guide. Children will be placed in the room that best suits their individual
learning capacities and overall developmental needs.

Educational Programs

Gumnuts educational programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), National Quality Standards (NQS) for childcare services in Australia as well as the Reggio Emilia approach. In collaboration with the Educational Leader, educators observe, engage and reflect with the children in their rooms and choose certain topics to dissect and discuss. Educators document children’s individual learning as well as learning and understandings within a group context. Via critical reflection and individualised extensions, all children are supported and are prepared with a solid skill set for the next stage of their learning journey.

Our Educators

Our educators are highly qualified and together hold over 100 years experience of working in early childhood education. Hailing from different backgrounds and cultures, our staff are dedicated, passionate and advocates for young children’s development and learning. On the ground, they are flexible, unconstrained and always ready to journey wherever the day takes them. As Reggio Emilia inspired educators, they work in partnership alongside their children, supporting their ideas, passions and interests as they explore and encounter learning together. They listen, inspire and empower children to think for themselves.

Outdoor Spaces

Inspired by the natural surroundings of the Gold Coast Hinterland, our outdoor spaces offer children opportunities for self-guided play with a wide range of experiences and materials. Each room connects with an age-appropriate outdoor space where children can run, ride, dig, paint, throw and climb. The large outdoor area also boasts a herb and vegetable garden where children can watch their own plants grow.

Atelier (Art Space)

Our unique atelier holds an array of exciting items to inspire children of all ages. Children are invited to spend time in this space where they can engage with a wide variety of art inspired materials, including paint, clay, recycled materials and collage, either individually or as a group.


At Gumnuts, we pride ourselves on healthy eating, providing nutritious and tasty meals for all children. Included in the daily fee, children will receive three meals – morning and afternoon tea and lunch. Each meal is well balanced, with a strong focus on fruit, vegetables and dairy. For babies who are weaning, we offer a wide range of purees and accommodate for children with allergies and intolerances.

What we provide and what children need to bring

Upon enrolment, we provide children with a wide-brimmed hat, t-shirt and bag for sleeptime items. We also provide suncream and insect repellant for when the children go outdoors to play, as well as wipes and creams for nappy changes and gel for teething.

We ask parents to provide their own nappies (as this is a personal choice) as well as any specific food items or milk that a child may need. Gumnuts provides cow’s milk to children as requested by parents.

Parent Connections

Working in partnership with families is key for supporting the children in our care. Educators communicate with parents on a daily basis as well as via pedagogical documentation displays across the centre. Educators are also available for individual meetups to chat about your child’s development (with prior notice). As a centre, we hold regular parents information and social nights as well as monthly family events in and around the centre.

Fees and Days

We understand the need for flexibility to meet the different needs of families. We can offer full day care, half days as well as occasional care. During school term breaks, we also run Vacation Care fun and engaging Vacation Care programs for children aged 5-12.

Our fees are based on the different ages of children as well as the number of days children attend the centre. For more information, please contact us.

Additional Experiences

Bush Kindy

Our unique Bush Kindy (BK) is a wonderful extension of learning for the children in our centre. Based on the the ideas of the Forest Schools in Europe, BK is all about children getting close to nature, exploring and discovering flora and fauna first hand as well as supporting children’s well-being by being outdoors. It is also a wonderful way for children to recognise the place that the bush has within our culture and Australian history, in particular the significance the land holds in Aboriginal culture.

Children who are aged 3-5 years attend weekly BK sessions from June to October as part of their framework, but all families are welcome to attend, including non-Gumnuts families (for a fee). BK sessions are held in the local Hinterland National Park and the surrounding nature trails children have the opportunity to purely explore the wonder of nature and all it has to offer.

For more information about BK, contact us today

Spanish with ELLA

ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) is a digital based learning program for pre-school aged children. A Government based initiative, its paramount aim is to scaffold a understanding for other languages early in life so that they will stay engaged with learning languages in later years. At Gumnuts, our kindergarten room use ipads to access the fun and stimulating games and clips for learning the Spanish language.

The pre-kindergarten room also engages in Spanish via books and songs as an introduction before they engage with ELLA in the following year.

For more information about ELLA, please click on the link below: https://www.ella.edu.au


For an additional fee, children from 2 years can join in our weekly soccer sessions run by Little Big Sports. Led by experienced coaches, sessions focus on mastering ball handling skills, hand-eye co-ordination and teamwork. Sessions run throughout the year.